Humans, just an extraterrestrial science experiment

Are humans just advanced lab rats for alien civilizations? Photo by Janet Stephens (photographer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Humans, just an extraterrestrial science experiment

Are they using us as lab rats?

Published May 15, 2012, 11:46 am

There are plenty of theories about extraterrestrials and alien contact. Some of them might not be as comfortable to humans.

We can choose to believe that they are good, and that they just don’t contact life on Earth or interfer with us, because they want to allow for our own natural evolution and development.

We could do that! It would be so nice, almost like a disney story, if they where that kind to us. If they let us develop in our own pace.

But what if! What if their intentions are not that good? What if their intentions are quite bad… What if they see us just as we see ants? What then? It’s not unlikely that They think of us like that. Because, if they had needed our resources, they would most likely have killed us already. Or they would just have pushed us aside as we push other animals aside.

But what if their intentions are neither bad nor good? Do we feel our intentions are bad when we use animals for testing and research? Perhaps some of us, but it’s not exactly an mass movement against animal testings and experiments. Most humans simply feels that it is necessary, perhaps cruel, but still very much necessary.

As such, would it be very unlikely that aliens feel the same way about us? Alien abduction might be just a small part of this large experiment they have on us. Because some believe that both Earth and the entire human race is just a massive and intensive ongoing scientific experiment! And worse, the giant experiment is beeing done by several extraterrestrial civilizations. Greys, the nordic aliens, humanoid reptiles and others have been reported.

When some abductees have asked their abductors why they are being studied or performed surgery upon, the aliens have answered that they have the right to do so.

Everything indicates that they know about us, research upon us, doing tests on unwilling participants, it seems that they are not here for our friendship. So why are they here? Why are they doing this to us? Why are they performing painful experiments on innocent test subjects? Because they can? Because they need the knowledge? The real question is, why do humans do painful experiments on innocent test subjects? My theory is that the aliens have the same exact reasons as we do.

Or perhaps it’s just like a science project for some extraterrestrial children? Grow some humans, and present it to class by friday…

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Published May 15, 2012, 11.46 am / Modified January 20, 2013, 8.47 am

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